Marine Technologies group boat engine maintenance Quick Flush valve


1. Every product is designed for using the inside diameter of the hose.
2.Valve is loosely assembled. Insure all connections are tight after determining handle orientation and before final installation
3.  Valve must be grounded to prevent galvanic corrosion.
4. See installation instructions further explanation of these notes.

I/O (Stern Drive) Engines with 1" Cooling Systems

Part number IO 100

$168.00  +  $24 shipping

Marine generator and A/C winterizing and flush valve assembly kit. Constructed with a C46-400 marine brass body and stainless steel ball valve and handle to fit your 1" cooling systems hose size.

OPTIONAL:    Stainless steel strainer with reinforced oil resistant hose for winterizing and emergency bilge pumping. (SH 111)