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Animations - I/O Marine Engines

With the Marine Technologies Group Quick Flush Valve TM, permanently installed between the hose leading from the raw water pick up, to the engine's impeller pump, you are ready to flush your engine. Attach an ordinary garden hose to the Quick Flush Valve TM, turn raw water pick up valve handle. Turn on the garden hose, start engine and let run for a few minutes.
When finished , reverse the above procedures ensuring you turn raw water pick up valve back to the open position.

Connect the optional Flush and Winterizing Hose Kit to the Marine Technologies Group Quick Flush Valve TM. Insert the strainer end into a bucket of water/ antifreeze mixture ensuring that there is enough volume of mixture for your boats engine size. DO NOT LET BUCKET RUN DRY!
Close raw water valve and open Quick Flush Valve TM, and start engine. When you see water/ antifreeze mixture coming out of engine discharge, shut engine down.

Emergency Bilge Pump
Using the above configuration, the hose kit can also be used as an emergency bilge pump, by laying the strainer into lowest point of the bilge and using your engine as the pump.

Animations  - Inboard Marine Engines

Marine Technologies Group Quick Flush Valve

Normal Operation